Artificial grass is an exceptional choice of grass alternatives

If you’re located in the Birmingham area where growing and keeping real grasses is an arduous task, you will find changing to the artificial version will be a great help. Artificial grass products from Phoenix Lawns are as popular due to its advancements for residential purposes such as lawns, but also famous for being used commercially in soccer and cricket fields. With artificial grass, you may successfully save money on electricity and water bills and save plenty of your time. Unlike the normal lawns, that requires hours of watering, trimming, maintenance of the artificial turfs requires very basic, and minimal, care.

Artificial Grass ProductsAnother great reason for artificial grass, is the big role of water preservation, when we consider that we live in an era where conserving water is a part of our social responsibilities. One hour of watering a real grass lawn can use up to 220 gallons of water. This might not seem much to one person, but most families, or home owners, have front and back gardens to maintain. Therefore, a lot of water is wasted on keeping real grass as green and luscious as possible. The issue with water waste and over-use is that it is dilating the world’s natural water supply. Water is critical to the survival of the human population, therefore, the need to cut down where it’s possible must be implemented as soon as possible. Not only are artificial lawns a small step in the right direction to tackle this problem but also, they save the average home owner time and money on maintenance and water bills.

People who own real grass front and back gardens encounter several hurdles in an attempt at keeping them in top condition throughout the rainy season. The yards become muddy and require thorough draining and cleaning throughout the monsoon period. With artificial grass, you won’t ever encounter these type of issues. A synthetic grass lawn always includes internal drainage systems. This means, whenever any liquid comes in contact with the artificial turf, it will drain out automatically with no manual effort. There’s an integrated water permeable backing that filters the fluids through both vertical and horizontal drainage. The drainage system also helps to ensure that the turf isn’t affected by bacteria or fungus. The machine effectively filters everything that’s liquid; whether rain water or pet urine.

The fundamental upkeep of artificial grass requires cleaning of leaves, debris and other objects that may not filtered from the drainage system. The cleaning will aid in preserving the natural and healthy look of the artificial turf. While rainy season is the toughest time for maintaining the organic lawns, the artificial ones remains cleaner during the monsoon season. If you stay in a place where there is limited rainfall, hosing down the yard once in a while will assist in eradicating the wastes.

Another step necessary for maintenance of artificial grasses is brushing. Proper brushing will guarantee that the aesthetics of this artificial lawn is maintained. A hard bristled brush delivers the best service when it comes to cleaning the turf blades.

The artificial grass is taking the market by storm, recently there has been a healthy increase in the amount of people that are turning to artificial grass as a sufficient alternative to real grass. As a result of this, the artificial grass products from Phoenix Lawns is proving there is a space in the market for it to grow and prosper.

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